Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Dear SBO Members,

We had move to another URL with effect from 05 Sep 2006.

To access our new site:


*A better view layout and better indexing page had implimented !*

Further more, visit our new supported Romance and Love Story Blog !


Friday, July 28, 2006

Indexing Page

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Update: Thank to our Platinum Sponsor - MaxHub
Now you can easily access our page at - http://www.sgblogger.org

In this page you will find all the blogs being separated into different section base on their content. SBO try the very best to remove and moderate all the blogs to ensure the quality and also safe for all.

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Note for Members: Please DO NOT remove the Member Seal from your blog, as that is the requirement for Guinness World Record to verify the record.


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summission of links.


Should you need to summit your blog links to be listed in our blog, please kindly check on the following conditions first.


If your blog fits the requirements and conditions above, Singapore Blogger Organisation(SBO) would like to welcome you to submit your particulars to us.

:: How to Summit ::

Please kindly e-mail us with the following details:

[ + ]Blog URL:
[ + ]Blog Title:
[ + ]Blog E-Mail:

Email to : " sg.blogger.org@gmail.com "


:: How long will my link be added ::

Should your blog is being approved, you will received a "Welcome E-Mail" form us, together in the e-mail we will send you the "Singapore Blogger Organisation Blog Seal".

Please kindly allow up to 48hrs(2 Days) for the application to be approved.
*In normal situation, the approval should be within 24hrs.


:: What if my application is being rejected ::

Should your application is being rejected, you will also receive an e-mail from us to notify you. In the email you will be able to find out "Why your application is fail", and how can help you gain the approval.

Welcome to Singapore Blogger Organisation

Greeting all Singapore(SG) Blogger,

Welcome to
Singapore Blogger Organisation Blog Page.

Our mission is to link all our Singapore Bloggers together to form a very first "Singapore Blog Search Indexing Portal(SBSI)", whereby blog readers will have faster access on other blogs, and topics that they might be interested in.

We strive out best to add all the blogs owned by Singaporeans in this Indexing Page, but with just a minor force, nothing can be done. With that,
Singapore Blogger Organisation(SBO) sincerely hope that all SG Bloggers will kindly submit all your blogs link to us.

All verified SG Blogs will receive a Special "SBO Blog Seal" which will showcase their participating and the partnership with SBO.


"To let Singapore Shine in the Guiness World Record Book!"

With the "World First
Singapore Blogger Indexing Point"