Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome to Singapore Blogger Organisation

Greeting all Singapore(SG) Blogger,

Welcome to
Singapore Blogger Organisation Blog Page.

Our mission is to link all our Singapore Bloggers together to form a very first "Singapore Blog Search Indexing Portal(SBSI)", whereby blog readers will have faster access on other blogs, and topics that they might be interested in.

We strive out best to add all the blogs owned by Singaporeans in this Indexing Page, but with just a minor force, nothing can be done. With that,
Singapore Blogger Organisation(SBO) sincerely hope that all SG Bloggers will kindly submit all your blogs link to us.

All verified SG Blogs will receive a Special "SBO Blog Seal" which will showcase their participating and the partnership with SBO.


"To let Singapore Shine in the Guiness World Record Book!"

With the "World First
Singapore Blogger Indexing Point"